The subject of recycling

Recycling simply means "putting already used resources back into the useful cycle". This subject is of key importance for our society which increasingly has to think and act in cyclic processes if we are to maintain the resources available to us for as long as possible for the conservation of nature. The challenges every one of us faces are huge and require a feeling of responsibility and awareness in dealing with the products surrounding us. 

The life cycles of the equipment produced in the electrical and electronic industry are becoming ever shorter with a corresponding shortage of resources. The trend is accompanied by an increase in energy requirements and rising prices for energy and resources.

We therefore aspire to exploit resources to the maximum while simultaneously minimising the use of energy in the area of electronics recycling. We do this by a manual predismantlement of the old electronic equipment. The potential recyclables are then separated by material type before subsequently undergoing automatic further processing. An economically profitable and environmentally friendly result is thus achieved by an optimum use of labour and a minimal automatic treatment. Economics and ecology are thus not adversaries, but partners for a common benefit.